CEU and Workplace Wellness Courses

Based on my Ten Rules for Fighting Depression and Building Resilience, this course and series can be offered as CEU courses or personal development for businesses and other organizations with interest in personal health. The course is offered as an overview and each Rule is examined on a more in-depth level. Click here to see more about content.

DBT in the Real World; Current Trends in Treatment of Bordeline Personality Disorder

This course gives an overview of the nature of Borderline Personality Disorder, effective treatments, including an overview of DBT therapy and other therapy approaches.

Caring for Adolescents: How to recognize and respond to symptoms of mental illness

This course is an expansion of the lay version of this title. Adolescence is a time of significant physical and mental changes. In addition, many disorders emerge or become more evident at this time when the adolescent is beginning to prepare for adulthood. This course provides guidelines in counseling teens, assessing for mental health disorders and suicidal risk, and helping parents improve communication and cooperation in their teen. Health care providers will learn to recognize distninctions between similar presentations of mental illness and differential diagnosing. Treatment protocols are also suggested, as well as coaching strategies for parents of troubled teens.

Employee Wellness and Self-Development Workshops

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Caring for Adolescents:
How to Navigate the Minefield of Parenting a Teen

The old rules no longer apply once your child hits the teen years. This course covers how the changes of adolescents impact parenting and family life, and how to effectively communicate with and manage your teen's increasing desire for freedom.

Caring for Adolescents:
Mental Health; What's Normal and When To Be Concerned

Adolescence is a time when mental health disorders can emerge or become more evident and create more problems. It's also a time when peer relationships become more complicated and sometimes treacherous. This presentation discusses the most important mental health concerns and how to respond effectively.

Assertiveness, You and Everybody Else;

How to Stand Your Ground and Keep Good Relationships

This course covers strategies to balance your needs with those of others and communicate in a way that gets results. Participants will learn ways to balance their needs with those of their coworkers and strategies for improving communication and positive feelings.

Your Body Goes Where Your Head Goes

Depression and inflammatory illnesses are prevalent in our society and contribute greately to health care costs and disability, not to mention reduced quality of life. This two-hour presentation discusses the interplay between stress, depression and physical illness. Participants will learn the basics of brain anatomy and function, how thoughts orchestrate this process, and ten rules for living to build resistance to depression and inflammatory illnesses. Coming in 2016, each "Rule" will be offered in a separate workshop.

Your Body Goes Where Your Head Goes #1:

Think About What You're Thinking About

Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and the Direction of Your Life

This presentation addresses how thoughts, feelings and belief systems guide our choices in ever aspect of our lives, and affect our physical health. Emotions affect far more than our mood; they affect how we function biologically, which in turn affects our mood and subsequently our belief system. Negative thought patterns tend to lead to choices that increase stress and stress-related illnesses. Stress-related physical illnesses are collectively the greatest cause of absenteeism, increased healthcare costs and disability. This is the first Rule in my series, "Ten Rules for Fighting Depression and Building Resilience," which is also offered as an overview. Participants will learn why it is so important to our health to practice Mindfulness. Participants will learn to identify destructive and inaccurate patterns of thought, the forces behind our outlook, and ways to redirect negative thought processes into positive ones.

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