LGTBQ concerns


I can't pretend to know what it feels like to be any of what LGTBQ stands for, so I welcome insights on this topic from those who do.  

We as a society are going through some significant changes in how variations in sexuality and sexual identity are viewed and treated.  While there seems to be greater acceptance of non-heterosexual lifestyles, there is still much animosity and I think fear from some groups of people who feel their religious beliefs are violated, or who worry that their children will be improperly influenced.  In these ways, in some areas, it is probably particularly difficult to thrive if you are LGTBQ and it would be easy to feel marginalized or even fearful of being "outed." 

Social problems such as suicide and unemployment run high in some communities.  Prejudice and stigma have a large impact.  Depression and anxiety can run high in the process of discovering where one falls in these categories and establishing supportive connections.  Suicide rates are high among these groups, particularly where there has been rejection of important persons, or loss of family support.  It can be hard to build a surrogate family consisting of friendships or find a community to create a sense of connectedness.  

However, there are more and more signs that this is changing.  The health care industry seems to be making an effort to include multiple options to gender and sexuality.  Some churches and other organizations are making a point of creating inclusive places.   Below are some organizations that can help you begin to build the support you need.  Also counseling can be a great way to figure out how to overcome barriers to finding your group of people.  

NAMI, National Alliance for Mental Illness has a great website https://www.nami.org/Find-Support/LGBTQ for finding support and coping.  

this site provides a national listing of LGTBQ support groups.

and  here is an excellent website for more information on transgender issues.

Here is another excellent website for information LGTBQ youth.

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